Isis papers pdf download

isis papers pdf download

File Name: the isis papers the keys to the colors. Order now! Read the isis papers online 7 things you would have learned if you read 'The Isis Papers' by Dr. Isis grammar school online test paper "test paper". Faster previews.
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  • When this is decoded, Romulus and Remus are this act, Western culture conceives of all its pxpers as being "born in sin" the. This decoding explains the worship and love of the Kings 5: Of course, the further implication is tllat the skin originally dog canine in Western civilization. Otherwise, how. Western man's affection for the dog is reflected in the fact that in could it tum white?

    Western civilization's original symbolized relationship to the canine, following the African Black mothers' rejection of the albino mutant How rare, one may learn by walking down a street in expressions "bitch" and "son-of-a-bitch. New York papefs London on a weekday - particularly an unfashionable. The splendid black satm skm of the South African Zulus of Durban seemed to me provided by the use of the word "mammy" when whites refer downlowd a Black to come very close to perfection.

    isis papers pdf download

    I can see those Zulus yet download caretaker, while referring to the white female caretaker as "nanny. Ons Wlth the white ones which are streaming past this London scious awareness of a deep and ancient familial relationship. The dis- wmdownow He starts with a beautiful complexiOn and lt wll. And as for the Indian, brown Africa, palers the burning sands of the Sahara Desert, out of Africa and -finn, smooth, blem1shless, pleasant and restful to the eye afraid f into Europe. The fust of this series, Tarzan ofthe Apes, was copyrighted their papers skin nakedness, developing suntanning parlors so as to produce in and published in Before Burroughs died inhe had a dowlnoad state of brown skin coloration.

    For example, Newsweek produced 26 Tarzan books. The American Cancer Society estimates that the figure for new In 5, his company estimated that more than million copies of his cases of skin cancer is 14, while an estimated 6, persons will die books had been printed in 50 languages around the world. Bythe from the specific skin cancer melanoma. Despite these warnings, sun- entire Tarzan series was being reissued. A cursory glance at any beach or swimming pool today baby, Lord Dowload, who was abandoned in Africa at the age of nine Will provide a clear indication of the present number of white-skinned months after his parents died.

    The great black download then took care download persons who are self-alienated even papers the point of lsis their him, as a passage from Tarzan of isis Apes relates: "The hunger closed the potential for cancer-caused death. They continue to pursue temporary gap between them and [Lord Greystoke] nursed at the breast of Kala, pdf skin pigmentation, papers unto death, to become members of the "hue-man" isis ape.

    The child, in its anger and aliena- that whites' awareness of the origin of their alienation is in no sense tion, later returns to the scene of its rejection to dominate the Mricans and superficial. This awareness goes deep to the genetic core of white all other non-white peoples. The Western brain-computer in- language of the apes. In the copyrighted Tarzan at paprrs Earth's Core dividual and collective then spawns patterns of its specific alienation in 13th in the seriesBurrough's explains in more detail: its myths, symbols, logic, thought speech, action, emotional response and perception in all areas of people activity: economics, education, enter- The sun beating down upon his naked body, had no such effect upon tainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war.

    But it did impart to him a new confidence similar to that which he would Anxiety. More briefly, the core aspects of anxiety and narcissism in have felt had he been able to retrieve his lost apparel. And in this fact Western civilization and culture, which are integrally associated with the he saw what he believed to be the pdf cause of his first embarrassment dynamic of alienation, must be discussed.

    May continues, referring to the danger of castration as" This theory must be formulated at our highest conscious mind by irrational forces and images from the collective level of abstraction. I propose that this theory be founded on the unconscious; Karen Homey's view of anxiety as a papers to a threat to definition that anxiety is the experience of Being affirming itself something belonging to the core of the personality coupled with a hostility against Nonbeing.

    I have rewritten this book in the isis that 1ts publication wdl a1d m the prehension of interpersonal disapproval. However, Dr. May recognized forming of pdf theory of anxiety. In spite of the industrious work by Africa. Therefore, they tan and use makeup. They remain a minority you about our hypotheses on the subject ofanxiety The white global collective remains genetically of anxiety is, the introduction of the right abstract ideas, and of theu recessive to the black, brown, red and yellow global majority and cownload application to the raw material of observation so as to bring order and each papeds and each minute pddf every hour in pzpers continuous fear of white lucidity into it.

    This fundamen- It is clear that the distinguished Dr. May, in regarding neurotic anxiety, tal fear of albino isolation, abandonment and genetic annihilation, is at the took into account Freud's discussion of neurotic anxiety as most fun- core of Western civilization- a civilization structured to ensure white damentally related to the birth trauma and to the fear of castration.

    This survival plan necessitates the subjugation and May later broadened the concept, writing: "It is very suggestive too that pdf of all non-white peoples. I define this subjugation and control as the first anxiety state arose on the occasion of the separation from the the white supremacy system. His fatal flaw, however, is not isis self the Black parents and the Black majority, these feelings about self and love but a grandiose expectation of himself that cannot be sustained fears of inadequacy and vulnerability reside underground in the brain- and makes him vulnerable to chronic bouts of boredom and inner computer.

    These subconscious and unconscious thoughts become the emptiness. In the eyes of the New Narcissus, the outside world is essentially a.

    (P.D.F. FILE) The Isis Papers The Keys to the Colors {PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE}

    Isis is the specific nature and cause papers this pdf and formless tmeasiness that has dogged the footsteps of modem man. For social historian Christopher Lasch, narcissism is the in the U. It is this same key to understanding why 'self preservation and psychic survival' anxiety that causes Western civilization's preoccupation with weapons, pervade the moral climate of contemporary society These weapons surround all of the world's non-white peoples.

    The clinical data proving that narcissism has increased in relation to whites hope that the weapons will prevent white genetic annihilation and traditional neuroses. Others, such as pa;ers Kenneth Keniston, thereby ensure white genetic survival, but then whites hold the pervasive wonder whether a clinical term like narcissism can properly explain attendant fear that they will be destroyed in the conflagration also. A post-Freudian school of psychoanalysis, based pervades all patterns of symbols, logic, thought, speech, action, emotional m Ch1cago, has proclaimed pathological narcissism the besetting response and perception in down,oad areas of people activity within Western psrchological disorder of modem Western culture and has developed culture and civilization.

    Also, it pervades all aspects of family life, for a psychology of the self' to explain its causes. All of the aforemen- ex? Kernberg, narcissists systematically exploit and devalue others. According to Greek mythology, Narcissus was ppaers criteria: the son of the river god, Cephissus, and the nymph, Leiriope; he was distinguished for his download. His mother was told that he would have a A. Grandiose sense of self importance or uniqueness long life, provided he never looked upon his own features.

    However, his B. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, rejection of the love of the nymph Echo or of his lover Anemias drew power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love upon him the vengeance of the gods. He fell in love with his own C. Exhibitionistic: Requires constant attention and reflection in the waters of a spring and pined away or killed himself. Responds to criticism, indifference of others, or collective has in looking in the mirror to donwload itself for what it truly is in defeat with either cool indifference or with marked relationship to the vast majority of the world's people.

    The Isis Papers The Keys To The Colors Free Pdf, -

    Indeed, if papers faces feelings of rage, inferiority, shame, humiliation, itself, with its puffed up attitude of white superiority, it will disintegrate. Two of the following: germain to this thesis. Freud viewed narcissism as a character disorder in 1. Lack of empathy: Inability to recognize how others. Because of a feel lack of love or response on the part of the parents, the libidinal energy 2. Entitlement: Expectation of special favors with never can be discharged upon another person with satisfacton.

    Distrust reactions or surprise and anger when others don't of the other person in relationships persists into adult life, so that the comply narcissistic character prefers autoeroticism i. Interpersonal exploitiveness: Takes advantage of sexual intercourse. Relationships characteristically vacillate between to try to love themselves if they were to survive; but they could not arrive the extremes of over-idealization and devaluation.

    Because whites failed to be accepted by the original Black collectively or as individuals, will find in the above a description of those parents, they evolved the subsequent compensatory pattern of white relationships. At a superficial level, it seems ironic that pdf responsible supremacy. Yet, beneath the stance of white supremacy and white gran- for including this disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual have diosity, the insecurity of inadequacy, inferiority and vulnerability remains failed to recognize this as a statement that characterizes the global to be displayed alternately.

    I will begin this essay somewhat differently than it was originally conceived several years ago. It is a report from San Francisco on the address given by Dr. Alan M. Stone, as outgoing president at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. Stone stated: The new walls are being built as psychiatrists attempt to deal with the issues of racism. These are all issues which have confronted us in our practice, challenged the moral assumptions that lie concealed in our theories, and confounded us with disputes and acrimony in our association.

    It is no accident that each issue invites psychiatry to take a stand on human values. Human values, l! To take a stand on them reveals something about our own selves, our own relations to society, and our own vision of what it means to love and to work. Many psychiatrists believe that the APA should limit itself to issues that are clearly psychiatric, but many others believe that these social issues are clearly psychiatric.

    This theoretical ambiguity is the While not accepting all that was said by Dr. Stone most specifically core of the conflict that confronts psychiany. As pragmatic eclectics, uncertain that we have put the pieces of the picture together correctly, his view of sexism as a more problematic issue than racismI do share we can never be confident that we can distinguish between the sick his awareness of a floundering chaos in psychiatry's current theoretical patient and the papers society.

    Psychiatry's contribution to what it means and conceptual state. It was this very awareness that, led me to the to be a person is its most powerful aspect. That contribution cannot consideration of a unified field theory in psychiatry. However, the profession has a isis for the hidden values in its theories and The concept of a unified field theory is derived from the work of the therapies, which contribute to the shaping of 'contemporary great physicist Alben Einstein March 14, - April 18, Stone continued this discussion, asking if these issues cut deeper all of the different manifestations of energy phenomena in the universe.

    He studied the forces of electromagnetism and produced far more damaging, requires far more than a minor adjustment of our the Special Theory ofRelativity, which became a more accurate yardstick composite sketch; indeed, it compels each of us to reexamine not only for measuring the characteristics of the physical world. Then, Einstein our theories, but also our lives and relationships.

    There can be no new questioned the possibility of generalizing the mathematical foundations psychology of women that does not require a new psychology of men. That makes necessary a new conception of all our human values and of the theory to derive not only the properties of the gravitational field, all the paradigms of psychiatry.

    Psychiatry does not stand outside of but also those of the electromagnetic field. The rules about which history and which Times. In Einstein's own words: morality to accept are not clearly described in the biologic, psychodynamic, and behavioral paradigms. What is pdf of us is moral ambition. Until our composite sketch becomes a true portrait For years, it has been my greatest isis to resolve the duality of of humanity, we must live with our uncertainty.

    We will grope; we natural laws into unity. This duality lies in the fact that physicists have will struggle; and our compassion may be our only guide and comfort. Many physicists have suspected that two Originally, my essay began with the statement, "It is clear to many that sets of laws must be based upon one genenl law. This crisis has important implications for treatment as law The relativity theory reduced to one formula all laws which well as problems encountered in formulating diagnostic categories as govern space, time and gravitation, and thus it corresponded to the demand for simplification of our physical concepts.

    For this reason I call it a contribution to 'a unified American Psychiatric Association? Indeed, who would be more readily field theory' Now, but only now, we know that the force which moves electrons in their ellipse about the nuclei of atoms is the same believed than he? Actually Not only did Einstein die before achieving isis goal, but prior to his there are very few, if any, workers in behavioral science who perceive the death his conceptualization of a download field theory was being dismissed necessity to search out, on the one hand, these interconnections and, on by younger physicists as the ideas of an old man whose scientific useful- the other hand, to unveil the total unified fonn that is structured by these ness had passed long ago.

    Quantum pdf and the physics of chance interconnections and their fundamental cause etiology. This may be and statistical probabilities the physics of Born and Heisenberg were said in the reverse order: because there is the failure on the part of most supplanting the Einsteinian physics of the whole. This was the new investigators to perceive the total outline of the Western cultural dynamic, physics of indeterminacy.

    This new physics could be characterized by Sir it is difficult, if not impossible, for them to make sense of the isolated George Thompson's following statements, which appear in Einstein: The behavioral patterns within the total behavioral system framework. Be- Life and Times: havioral scientists, thus frustrated, have tried to fmd the answers in statistics, neurochemical molecules and genes. It was this same limitation Wherever a system is really complicated, as in the brain or in an organized conununity, indeterminacy comes in, download necessarily and dependence on the statistical method of analyzing energy phenomena because of 'h' Planck's constant but because to make a prediction, that depressed Einstein in the work of his colleagues in physics.

    He so many things must be known that the stray consequences of studying lamented that they just could not see the larger picture. They lacked his ttem will disturb the status quo, which can never therefore be intuitive faculty to see at a deeper and more encompassing level. History is not and cannot be determinant. The supposed causes only may produce the consequences we expect.

    This may best be understood if we look at the scattered pieces of a 1,piece jigsaw puzle for which the outlining border has not yet been I am almost certain that most workers in the field of psychiatry are not set in place. Generally speaking, one cannot make heads or tails of the consciously aware that they too have assured a papers in the respective scattered, tiny pieces. Once the outline or context has been established, scientific camps of either Albert Einstein or that of Born and Heisenberg.

    I use this particular introduction for this brief essay because a total that in a system as complicated as the brain or in an organized com- behavior-energy system also can be seen and understood as a unifiedfield munity one cannot uncover a unitary law or a unitary cause of pdf many of energy phenomena. Once that unified field of behavior-energy is complex forms of behavior, knowledge of which would enable prediction perceived and described, setting forth its etiology and dynamic, the once of expected consequences.

    A parallel process can be seen in the recent discoveries in any given energy system. A unitary law would reveal the nature of that of strange papers objects such as quasars, pulsars and black specific order. I reside in the Albert Einstein camp - the camp of the discovery of which can be seen as dependent upon Einstein's determinacy. The force and energy of this system, through its albeit that the force is behavior-energy.

    It is a psychialry that perceives a definable whole, global economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex system of behavior-energy, wherein the behavior events lend pdf and wardetermines the dominant patterns of behavior in the world today. The basic considerations that Einstein proposed for physical energy "Western civilization.

    Thus, the role are a survival necessity for the white collective. This racist activity is a of all major and minor patterns of behavior within the field can be compensatory attempt to prevent white genetic annihilation on a planet understood and even predicted. The awareness of self in the white global nected patterns of behavior are visible. It is as though the end of a knotted collective as a white, genetic mutant population that was rejected by their download or skein yam has been discovered that, with patience, permits com- Black parents in Africa see Chapter 2and the subsequent conscious plete unraveling isis breaks in the yam.

    This is the necessary power or energy equa- capitalism, nudism, the Holocaust, alienation, sexism, homosexuality, tion for white genetic survival. This behavior-energy equation is ex- pornography, narcissism, gambling, rape, flags, men's ties, etc. All of the pressed in energy manifestations of patterns of logic, thought, speech, above are but a few of the major behavior-energy isis, myths and action, emotional response and perception in all areas of people activity.

    In energy terms, this means that it is possible to predict pdf Western social and behavioral science, particularly psychiatry, has fundamental patterns "the bottom line" of all energy that flows from the been content with behavior fragment analyses and multiple theoretical white collective in its dynamic interactions with the non-white collective. This demonstrates a failure to com- That sum total of behavior-energy expression is always the energy crys- prehend the entire forest, while focusing on isolated trees or clumps of tallization of white supremacy white genetic survival - irrespective isis trees.

    Failure to comprehend the whole behavior-energy force field has the download or subtle myriad behavior forms it assumes. This basic logic of disgust apparently necessary pattern of endless abstracting, with an inability to wtth the whtte genetic and genital self drives the brain-computer in the download the whole, may be predicated upon a pattern of data reception white male collective to self-negating patterns of behavior.

    Also, it is the in the nervous system of persons who possess insufficient levels of basis for the continuing question in the white collective, "Who has the largest penis- the Black or the white male? I will examine this possibility in a future work. Through anal intercourse, the self-debasing white male and sexism articulated by Dr.

    Alan Stone is due to an inadequate may fantasize that papers can produce a product of color, albeit that the conceptual and theoretical base. This fantasy is significant for white males As stated previously, racism is the evolved behavior-energy system because the males who are able to produce skin color are viewed as the real men. Both homosexuality and sexism are derivatives of that fundamental dynamic.

    The forces in This same sense of maleness-deficiency in the white supremacy culture the white supremacy system that lead to a massive increase of passivity, download the behavior patterns of smoking either small white phallic sym- effeminization, bisexuality and homosexuality in the Black male popula- bols called cigarettes, large dark brown or black phallic symbols known tion as necessities for white genetic survival are discussed in Chapter 6.

    Also, it should be noted that for the white male collective, male, the father of the early albirlo mutants. Indeed, this fact is the true the greatest sense of male power comes from smoking the large, dark basis for the Oedipus mythology. Thus, cigars are given Historically, white males worldwide have suffered the deep sense of M at the brrth of a son! See Chapter Similarly, this sense maleness- male inferiority and inadequacy because they represent a mutant, geneti- deficiency elevates the gun to such important status in the white supremacy culture.

    See Chapter 8. C collective has produced high levels of masculine self-doubt, the whtte male's sense of genetic inadequacy causes him to project his fear, anxiety and self-aliention. These difficulties have been intensified sense of genetic inferiority onto the white female. She is forced to accept by the awareness that white reproductivity is far lower than papers natural the concept of her own genetic inferiority compared to white males.

    Item Preview

    In reproductivity of any non-white population. Also, the In the white collective, there is self-esteem, which is a compensatory white male must oppress the white female because the latter proclaims inflated sense of the self, but there is not fundamental respect for the that her ideal sex partner is, "tall, dark and handsome. The implications for psychiatry are as follows: on the female be permitted to have her freedom and to sexually aggress against basis of a negative image and concept of the self, papers brain-computer the dark man the non-white malewhite genetic annihilation will occur.

    These are patterns of in their preference for Black pdf other non-white males will become neurochemistry and behavior consistent with various degrees of mental participants in white genetic annihilation -have resulted in download Western illness. These are patterns of imposed sense of genetic inferiority through their struggle for "equality" neurochemistry and behavior consistent with mental health.

    Donwload numbers of white females are proclaiming The following diagram shows the environmental factors that act upon themselves lesbians, believing that this is a ppapers response to their the genetic and constitutional base to forin the self-image and self-con- sense of inadequacy. Isis, of course, fail to realize that these behaviors cept Factors that support the self lead to positive self-images and self- arise from the fact that they have been taught to degrade their genetic concepts, whereas factors that deny the self lead to negative self-images makeup as white females in the subtle dynamics of white family life.

    Thus, they move paers behaviors of non-self-reproduction and self-nega- tion.

    Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER. The Isis (Yssis) Papers The Keys To The Colors. Download. The Isis (Yssis) Papers The Keys To The legacysolution.coted Reading Time: 11 mins. The Isis Papers increasing understanding of the behavioral phenomenon of white supremacy as a global, terroristic power system. However, it must be understood that high levels of self-respect, will and determination, without an adequate understanding, analysis and definition of racism as the oppressing power system, will not be sufficient. A compilation of statements by the salafi scholars regarding ISIS/ISILEstimated Reading Time: 19 mins.

    Also, in white females' drive to be "equal" to white pvf, they have increased greatly the practice of sucking on the white phallic symbols- cigarettes - causing a sharp increase in their incidence of self-negation downloar lung cancer. White females fail to understand that while they strive to become "the same as" white males, they become more alienated from their genetic selves.

    Whether one dosnload the microcosm of the individual white sonality or the macrocosm of the global white collective, the law of white genetic survival stands. That law can be stated in the following equation: white :pOwer over non-white powerlessness, or! Psychiatry's further task is to demonstrate that the white supremacy system Western civilization is unable to produce an environment in which mental health can evolve and flourish. Therefore, that isis system pdf to be abandoned for a more productive one.

    The download, unitary law of white genetic survival governs its origin and its continuance. Homosexuality and sexism are necessary derivatives of this energy field and, just like all other significant behaviors in the global and local white collective, can be understood as derivatives of this finite, unified behavior-energy field. It is knowledge of the unitary, causative law that governs this field and enables the prediction of future behavior- energy patterns isis it.

    The above discussion then serves as background to the essays which follow. Together, these behavior patterns produce the white supremacy unified behavior field. Albert Einstein realized that we needed a law to guide us in and around the phenomena in diwnload organized energy. Similarly, we need a law to guide us in the evolved energy system of white supremacy behavior download, in order to facilitate our movement in that system, with the ultimate goal being truth, justice, harmony and peace.

    Contrary to the fears of Dr. Alan Stone, new walls are being built in psychiatry. The papers walls of artificial abstractions papers being tom down, and in their place stands a new edifice, a unified field, which can be used to diagnose, treat and cure. This analogy is apt for yet a second reason. Often, the design on the uppec side of the quilt is different from the undersurface pattern. Still, the undersurface design is essential pdf the outward surface appearance.

    I have given myself the task of decoding the culture pxf which I find myself in time and space. There are other kinds of symbols that are not as immediately the system, the oppressed will be able to reorganize their own behavior translated or fully understood because of their highly abstract forms and effectively. The impact of these complex symbols reach subconscious support, and thereby end their oppression.

    The abstracted single image or line configuration. This message self-respect and mental health. Without this process of decoding, the effects the end-product of behavior as carried forth in any area of human C oppressed fail to fully understand what they are dealing with; they have activity. The symbol, in turn, acts upon the external environment. These brain products appear and are reflected in all areas themes of a people and have significant messages to convey about the of people activity: economics, education, entertainment including games people's and culture's reason for being.

    (PDF) The ISIS Papers | Арсен Хизриев -

    Furthermore, these reasons are and sportslabor, law, politics, religion, sex and war. This means passed on uncensored in the unconscious, via the total environmental analyses of products of conscious as well as unconscious brain activity- experience, from the beginning of "people-time," generation to genera- patterns oflogic, thought, pdf, action, emotional isis, perception, tion.

    In this manner, the symbols act as a stirring rod that agitates the dreams, symbols and intuition - will be required. Of special importance unconscious, sending out energy responses in the form of thought, speech, are the brain products that issue forth from those who are white and who isis and emotions. In the opinion paperss the Hindu philosopher, Ananda K. Various lines of energy data form the total environmental coverage on the brain-computer goes on to state, "To know the rational in the deeply irrational is the via the nervous system, which can then, under the proper circumstances, mark of truthful living, that is, of fully alive perception of the conditions one's life.

    Nevertheless, his would be self-contradictory if put in a declarative sentence. From figura to veritas. However, it should be remembered that the understanding and use of "The axis of world history is making conscious the unconscious. It implies something vague, unconscious, but at the same time it is also an idea corresponding to the unknown or hidden from us. It has a wider unconscious aspect that download never precisely defined or fully explained.

    Conversely, the effective living symbol must ldf contain something which is shared or felt. Consequently, it must include those primitive hemisphere is the source of activity leading to phenomena such as symbol elements, emotional and otherwise, whose omnipresence stands formation. Other studies demonstrate that the left cerebral hemisphere beyond all doubt. Only when the symbol comprehends all those and conveys them with ultimate force can it evoke a universal response.

    By contrast, the activities of the right symbol. In addition, the right and left hemispheres appear capable of Also, it has been said that symbols are always paradoxical since they independent, simultaneous thought. Also, it has been suggested that contain elements that do not exist in logic. Papegs of papers sensory creativity. But because of the large scope D. I illustrates the process by which the ram-com of unattended perceptions, much of the data is coded at the unconscious Iagram.

    As some pdv would state, this data is download and other brain-computer products. For example, within the framework of a pdf system and culture, certain perceptions may exist that never are acknowledged overtly and certain ideas, thoughts, concepts and theories that are uttered rarely, if ever. These perceptions, words, ideas, concepts and theories that are Total Environment repressed downloar channeled into the unconscious level of the brain-computer Physical becomes an entire world of ideas treated as though they never existed in Social-Political the form of concrete reality.

    Cultural Nonetheless, the data from the environment that is encoded at the unconscious level of the brain-computer actually does not disappear- just as the objective data that produced the repressed ideas and concepts do not disappear. There simply ceases to be a clear focus on this body of data. This repressed data becomes the substratum paprs which symbols can be formed.

    Brain-Computer As stated previously, the dominant aspect of the total environmental reality on the planet is that the overwhelming majority of people are black, Symbols l brown, red and yellow. This fact has dosnload the most fundamental collective preoccupation and, perhaps, fear in the global white collective: white paperw survival - a survival that is threatened by the isis material contained in the genitals papers Black and other non-white men.

    Logic Non-white people are genetically dominant to whites, and, thus, are Thought potential genetic annihilators of the minority white collective. Due to this Speech fear of white genetic annihilation, the global white collective has evolved, Paperw during the last 2, years, the global white supremacy system and culture Emotional Response that dominates all black, brown, red and yellow peoples in the world, Perception determining their behavior in all areas of people activity. Man and H. IS S Jung, C.

    New York: Doubleday, Geigy lications. AugustFebruary Dedication This essay is dedicated to all of the Black men who are in "greater confinement" prisons and jails with the hope that they will be en- couraged never to give up the struggle against white supremacy domina- tion injustice once they understand what the struggle is truly all about. Then they never will return to jail, and their papers no longer will be anti-racist blind reaction to stress from ignorance, anger and fearbut effectively counter-racist.

    Many of these Black men, in their letters to me, also have given me great enouragement, support and help towards continuing our fight for justice. All Black people download still in confmement! Foreword This essay is not intended to be sacrilegious or offensive to anyone. This essay was written only to address the question Black people have been raising for a long time- "What's happening? It is the responsibility of Black behavioral scientists in general, and Black psychiatrists in particular, to provide this answer.

    Whereas the testicles are those aspects of the male anatomy that contain the dominant genetic material, pdf penis is the aspect that transports the genetic material, which initiates the production of life and skin color.

    isis papers pdf download

    If one were to make a simple schematic diagram of the genital organs of the male anatomy, that diagram might look like Diagram I. The white collective seems unable to decode their 0 I submit that the cross, as an papsrs and provocative symbol in the boll wn sym. Thus, the cross is a critical symbol in the thought global white supremacy systemthen it is possible to understand the processes of the white supremacy system, beginning its evolution almost portrayal of the white female in the popular book and fllm, The Exorcist.

    This particular interpretation of the cross never has been given possessed by. This symbolic portrayal before. The white female's preoccupation with writing since the sword is an instrument proper to the knight, who is the defender books on,bemg raped also occured during this time period. In the white of the forces papes light against the forces of darkness. The white female, until recently, has been held back in King Kong and, more specifically, isix white-genetic-annihilating geni- her sexual papers of the Black male by white male constraint.

    Since tals. As the white male the knight moves to control the monster Black "white-female-liberation" has pdf granted to white women in small male genitaliaindeed he does become" pspers defender of the forces of light measure, the white female fmds herself unable to hold her pdf desires against the forces of darkness. Still she is unable to admit these desires and "the cross," the brain-computer distillate of the male genitalia.

    The entire movie suggests an impending isis attack on the white draws together the horizontal and vertical dimensions of life and pdc female by the giant black ape the symbol of the Black male. Finally, them perpendicularly to each other, embracing their conflict. The gun is also a phallic placed on the cross, "In Hoc Signa Vinces". Indeed b '. Some of papers white of the cross. The auth w. Y w lles, isis white ' w 1te surv1 val apes so that they can touch the apes and, perhaps doenload, so that More recently, the fury of the wh't.

    Enlarge cover. She has been described by critics as a black supremacist. Her father, Henry N. Cress, was a physician, and her mother, Ida Mae Griffen, was a teacher. Inshe earned a B. In the s, Welsing moved to Washington, D. This was an introduction to her thoughts that would be developed in The Isis Papers. Download Free PDF.

    Isis was the most. Frances Cress Welsing Magazine: P. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page:. More magazines by this user. What are downlozd narrating? We then went back and said: woe pdf you! This is of the greatest benefits which a Muslim can gain by download back to the people of knowledge. The accuser or the one being accused? So for example, he begins to make takfeer on account of the committal of major sins or acts of disobedience.

    They will also apply verses which are directed to the Muslim rulers onto themselves, as in the case of the verses which are related to the instruction of jihad and the implementation of the capital punishments. Downlod leads them to change their stances and views on a regular basis, not just paprs regards to fiqh issues but also in regards to creedal matters wherein there can be no room for interpretation.

    Not by just pwpers takfeer of him, but also by fighting him ;apers as to kill him. This is what they do, they will even make takfeer of their own parents and kill their own parents, degenerating to such a lowly level. Hence, they make takfeer with ease of the scholars, the rulers, the police, security apparatus and the entire society. Yet he is excused for the misunderstanding he had as he was young at the time, and thus it is evident that those young in age are prone to misunderstanding and hence referral back to the people of knowledge is downlowd and safe.

    They must also pff to listening and obeying the Saudi State in which they reside, as have their parents and grandparents also resided with security and trust, for it is truly a model state in the world and the best despite its shortcomings mainly due to the fitnah of those who want more Westernisation in the land thereby polluting it behind such blind following of the West.

    They pledge allegiance to isis leader in secrecy based on their own corrupted methodology downloar they pledge papers to unknown individuals in secret. So today they announce, and how often they announce. If the one who made the announcement is then killed download done away with then another one comes and announces another pdc Khaleefah! It is thus no surprise then that many of download ignorant youth from the UK have been duped and deluded into following this group, and prf Muslims from London have been killed while thinking that they were fighting jihad, and some of them papdrs even knowing what jihad even means?!

    And that JIbreel even prayed with him at such and ;df location! Can you see the chronic lying and falsehood [Dajl] which they are calling to? They mention that which has been spread about them that they kill or participate in terrorism is not accurate, so what is the correct view on this group? What is sufficient is the strange thing which they announced about two or three days ago about the claim that allegiance is to be pledged to the Caliph, who they claim is the Caliph of the Muslims.

    All of us have around our necks a pledge of allegiance, you psf a pledge of allegiance around your necks, to the leader in authority in this land. This is what they know and believe is the deen.

    (PDF) The Isis (Yssis) Papers The Keys To The Colors | George Dunn -

    Is our deen one of candidness or concealment? Our country [i. A righteous man make errors and slip-ups here and there but it is not possible for him to fall into major errors involving killings and so forth, as he will be somewhat protected.

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