Total overdose full game free download

total overdose full game free download

It is the game based on the story line of revenge and it is a first person shooter game. Total Overdose is the game. It is developed and presented by the Agme Line Games. The Total Overdose is a game based on the character named Ram Cruz. Whose father was killed by a well known Mafia Don. The main character has to take revenge for the murder of his father.
  • Total Overdose PC Game Download Full Version
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  • Total Overdose Free Download PC Game
  • Total Overdose Free Download
  • Hame best thing about this game is that the gangs are trying to stop this character to reach his goals. The Mafia King lives in the mexico. So Ram has to go all the way there to kill him. All the maps and locations introduced in this game look alot like the sand ttal of mexico. This is the more realistic game. Because you can interact with anyone in this game.

    You can lverdose break into houses. Even the people in the streets responds to your action. So it is a more like of a lively game and gives a more realistic look. The graphical interface of Total Overdose game is amazing. The sound effects are amazing. This game has the best story line. The more you play, the more you will get addicted.

    Total Overdose PC Game Download Full Version

    Because this game has a lot of shooting in it. The end of this game is amazing. You dash around the destructible environments, as the auto-target reticule locks onto the enemies streaming towards you for instant satisfying blasting. Cruz is also able to drive numerous vehicles that involve equally explosive stunts, such as piling overdosee truck headlong into an oil tanker.

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    While not exactly oveedose, the action is intense, especially when you manage to chain different combos together a la Tony Hawk's - a combo meter in the top-left hand corner handily ticks down between kills, showing ttal the time you have left to find another victim before the chain ends. If the back-flipping, dual-wielding chaos does happen to catch up with you, and Cruz bites the dust, you do free another trick up your sleeve - Rewind.

    This is exactly like the feature in the Prince Of Persia overdose, giving you the sneaky ability to rewind time just before you ' headbutted download grenade, and replay the action again - although obviously you do only get a limited supply. With a soundtrack that includes heavy rockers such as Control Full and Molotov come on, it'll make a change from ColdplayTotal Overdose is a Mexican platter of potentially very spicy flavours - slo-mo blasting, ultra-violence, stupid humour, filmic cut-scenes, sexy surprises and, er, guacamole.

    Will it stick a cactus up the backside of third-person action-adventures? If we can avoid ttal tequila, we might just be able to provide the answer When Faced With a generic third-person shooter with bullet-time, you have to make a decision. Do you deride it, totao it where it hurts, call it a filthy console total sorry, read the new Harty Potter book recently and leave it begging for mercy?

    Or do you give it a chance, lock your lips into an 'ooh' position and play it for pverdose mindless game it was born to be?

    Total Overdose Free Download PC Game

    Well, it's looking increasingly like Total Overdose will prove to be part of the latter camp - with the caveat that we've only played four of the 20 levels, so the downloadd 'variety' chestnut may yet loom large. It's essentially the lovechild of Max Payne and Serious Sam - albeit grown to adolescence and obsessed with Robert Rodriguez's films, Salma Hayek's breasts and the mashing of buttons in combo-chasing games like the Tony Hawk series.

    You won't be. Left downooad shoots, right button zeroes in for a headshot and spacebar does all the sparkly magic with shoot dodging and wall gymnastics that would put the youngest girl in the Ukrainian gymnastics team to shame. Barrels explode, Mexicans die toyal points are delivered for style - which in turn gifts you extra health and Loco Moves such as Desperado-style machine guns in guitar cases or one-shot-kill golden guns.

    In fact, in our playtest, the mission at hand became secondary to the pursuit of points, since a timer is always ticking from your last kill, showing how long ocerdose have to continue on your point-totting rampage. Eidos is clearly keen on the idea that gme will try to string out combos that last entire levels - assuming, of course, that they don't go outside and get a girlfriend first.

    Another feature that's remained under lock-and-key until now is the sandbox-y town that you can traverse, if you so choose, in between levels and challenges.

    Total Overdose Free Download

    Hidden until now due to fears of unfair GTA comparisons unfair since it's far more reminiscent of the wide open everything-is-a-grinding-surface arenas of Tony Hawkdowbload another avenue for point-claiming. The flippancy of the game is very much on show here too, with mini-games like a blood ottal in which all the pedestrians turn into versions of something similar to the skeletal Manny from Grim Fandango.

    The heavy use of chickens and exploding pihatas in the game proper also goes some way to boosting the silliness factor. Whether or not the story and characterisations are all they're cracked up to be is also up gqme question, an area in which it's perfectly fine to compare the line-up of Mexican scuz-buckets to the sublime San Andreas.

    As a no-brain actioner, however, it's a far better prospect than other console fare - and surprisingly well-adapted for mouse control too.

    May 23,  · Title: Total Overdose PC Game Download Full Version Genre: Third-person shooter Developer: Deadline Games Publisher: SCi Games Release Date: September 16, Languages: English, French, Italian, German. Total Overdose PC Game is one of the most entertaining games in an Open World. Total Overdose PC Game is a professional video game. Download Total Overdose. An action and adventure third-person shooter game. Virus Free/ Total overdose Download PC Game. Release: Developer: Deadline Games. OS: 7, 8, Processor: Intel Pentium 4 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 +. Graphics: GeForce GT / Radeon X Memory: Mb. Version: Full Last Release. Total overdose - a reckless action game that strikes with constant special effects during shootouts in locations.

    You can also steal hats from people who get angry about it and shoot you. No particular reason for it. But if you want a sombrero, then it's yours.

    Mar 22,  · Home» Action» Total Overdose Free Download March 22, Total Overdose is an Open World, Action and Adventure game for PC published by Eidos Interactive in Reviews: Download Total Overdose. An action and adventure third-person shooter game. Virus Free/ Oct 06,  · Total overdose pc game is one of those amazing shooting games that people do not get tired of. This game has some unique features which are quite hard to find in a regular shooting game. There are a lot of fighter and shooting games for the mobile phones but there is a range which is specifically available for the PC users.

    More hats in games please. We prefer to think it's closer in spirit to the Tony Hawk's games. So we're absolutely, positively not going to compare this like for like with any GTA game.

    total overdose full game free download

    In truth, it's hard not to. There are the plentiful GTA carjackings. And there are the GTA-style cityscapes implausibly filled with car stunt ramps. And over there are all the impromptu kill-a-thon bonus missions. And to your left are all the thumping real-world tunes. And behind those boxes is the morally dubious attitude to extreme ultra-violence.

    You can see how the developer has tried to remove anything too GM-like as it went along - the variations in cars are way down, the sizes of each city area feel far smaller, no in-car radio stations. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite come off that way. Instead you constantly feel as though you're merely playing a cut-down version of GTA, regardless of the developer's intention. The feel of the game constantly gives you that urge to go off exploring midmissions, but the limitations in size and variety ultimately make it feel something of a wasted effort.

    Still, it's undeniably fun. At absolutely no point does Total Overdose take itself even remotely seriously. And unlike GTA, combat is actually half decent thanks mostly to the Max Pbyne-style agility and slo-mo moves. Shoot bad guys in the head while doing cartwheels off the wall. Dive left right, forwards and back while aiming for headshots and stringing multiple kills together for bonus rewards. Run up to someone and nick their fiat, just because you can, then run away before they get too mad.

    Or for no discernible plot-based reason, suddenly turn into a giant Mexican wrestler and start twatting other masked tubbos about the head with a giant bat. Which is also more fun than it sounds. El Mariachi machine-gun guitar cases, whirling 'tornado' spins of death, exploderising pifiatas and the truly bizarre Sombrero Of Death are just some of the options to play around with.

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    At times it can feel relentless. The sheer volume of guns and ammo open to you, and the madcap pace combined with your Olympian-level agility, make it near times when you're not quick enough, a handy Yewind' function lets you turn back the clock about ten seconds to have another crack. Which means TO just keeps throwing wave after wave of angry stereotypes at you in But mostly the frantic pace of the nayhem, the knowing daftness of the situations and the story, the energy with which everything is presented and even the cartoon style - well, it all grows on you.

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